Final editorial comments on draft documents

APNIC seeks final editorial comments on the following draft documents:

    - IPv6 address allocation and assignment policy
    - APNIC guidelines for IPv6 allocation and assignment requests
    - APNIC transfer, merger, acquisition, and takeover policy

These documents have been updated to reflect the upcoming implementation
of two policy proposals reached consensus at APNIC 34 Phnom Penh, 
Cambodia in August 2012.

    - prop-101: Removing multihoming requirement for IPv6 portable 

    - prop-104: Clarifying demonstrated needs requirement in IPv4 
      transfer policy

Nature of the document review

This is an editorial review only. Consensus has already been reached on
these policy changes.

Therefore, during the comment period, interested parties may:

    - Object to the wording provided by the Secretariat
    - Suggest improvements of any aspect of the document
    - Request that an additional call for comment be made if substantial
      revisions are required

To view all draft documents, please see:

Deadline for comments

Your comments are requested by 17 February 2012 prior to implementation.

Please send your comments to: policy@apnic.net

Adam Gosling
Senior Policy Specialist       email:             adam@apnic.net
APNIC                                          sip:    adam@voip.apnic.net
http://www.apnic.net      phone:              +61 7 3858 3100
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