This doesn't make sense.

Is the APNIC SIG Policy only for members?  No... nor are the meetings.  As I understand it, ARIN and RIPE operate the same... being or not being a member doesn't stop participation in discussion.

So it isn't about telling anyone or region about what to do.. it is all our right to participate in any discussions, globally where we are allowed.


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On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 10:47 AM, Randy Bush <> wrote:
>>> I don't agree at all.
>> and you operate in the ripe region?
> Why is that even relevant?

because, in general, we do not tell others regions what to do.  notice
that john did not do so, merely asked for clarification.

how well did we like it when some over-inflated arin folk came by and
managed to shove transfer requiring justification down our throats?