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prop-120-v002: Final /8 pool exhaustion plan


Proposer:       Tomohiro Fujisaki
               fujisaki at syce dot net

1. Problem statement

APNIC makes IPv4 address delegation from two IPv4 pools. These are the
103/8 (Final /8) pool and the non-103/8 IPv4 Recovered pool.

Currently, there are no IPv4 addresses in the non-103/8 IPv4 Recovered
pool and APNIC manages a Recovered Pool Waiting List for approved
requests. And, based on the Geoff's projection (*1), the 103/8 (Final
/8) pool will be exhausted in a few years.

It will be necessary to make a guidance about how to manage the IPv4
delegation after both IPv4 pools exhaustion.

2. Objective of policy change

To provide a guidance for 103/8 pool exhaustion.

3. Situation in other regions


4. Proposed policy solution

Guidance for 103/8 pool exhaustion:

 - The first time an approved request cannot be fulfilled from the 103/8
   pool, a waiting list will be created. That waiting list will be
   managed same as recovered pool waiting list.

 - APNIC continue to manage two pools, the recovered pool and the 103/8 pool.

5. Advantages / Disadvantages


 - Possible to avoid confusion at 103/8 address pool exhaustion date



6. Impact on resource holders

No impact to resource holders.

7. References
1. IPv4 Address Report

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