This is worrying re Confer as I am quite sure I could register 100,000 people with unique addresses.

We've entered a new era of bots - this would not be hard.


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On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 9:14 AM, Adam Gosling <> wrote:
Hi Randy

>>>> On 5/09/2016, 20:52, "Randy Bush" <> wrote:

    >> [ this is address policy? ]

No this is not address policy. The SIG Guidelines are the rules of procedure for all SIGs. The proposal was also sent to the other SIG mailing lists, but will be discussed in the Policy SIG as there is more agenda time there.

    >> Secondary, it can be used by fraud, like hijacking the position of
    >> Chair agaist the Community by inviting many persons who never attend
    >> the community discussion.
    >> ...
    >> I would like to propose limiting eligible voters of SIG Chair election
    >> to registered participants of APNIC Conference where the election is
    >> held.
    >> In this context, registered participants include remote participants
    >> who register to Confer, or its successor in future.

    is there an unstated assumption that many persons could attend the
    meeting who are not registered locally or remotely?  does that
    assumption hold?

The Secretariat doesn’t physically check registrations at the door to the Policy SIG sessions, I guess a bunch of extra people could wander in without badges. I’m not sure if we would notice.

At present remote participation (using the CONFER tool) only requires a simple registration with unique email address. We tried more stringent registration procedures with the Webcasting (like ARIN) and got a lot of negative feedback.

    > I would like to propose aligning Chair' term with Co-Chair's term,
    > which means that Chair and all Co-Chair will serve for same two years.

    could make for a tough transition if both are replaced at the same time.


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