For the AFRINIC region, selection(election) is not just based on those present (as one could consider remote participants to be present). Its however based on those "physically present" in the room who meet the voter eligibility criteria[1] at the time of conducting the election. So if someone started the meeting and left right before the election process commenced then he/she is not eligible as only the physical hands are checked and counted.

What is being proposed in relation to APNIC chair/co-chair seem to be similar to how the AFRINIC Co-Chairs terms handled; The 2 co-chairs are elected in a staggered manner and serve for 2 years, this ensures that there is always at least one experienced co-chair at every-point in time. However there can be a situation where a Co-Chair resign at the same time the other co-chair's term is expiring and that could imply have 2 new co-chairs on board (assuming the co-chair whose term expired is not re-contesting or did not win the election). We have had a situation like that in the past but in those cases, we've been either lucky to get good co-chair elected or the out-going co-chair go re-elected. Normally when a co-chair resigns, an election to replace the outgoing co-chair is conducted at face2face and the newly elected person completes the term of the co-chair.

Overall as a former Co-Chair for the AFRINIC region, i would say the staggered term has worked very well for us.

1. There are 3 of such criteria:
Has registered for the meeting (and possesses the Meeting Badge as proof).
Resides in a country within AFRINIC service region.
Is not a staff member of AFRINIC or another RIR

On Mon, Sep 5, 2016 at 11:08 AM, Adam Gosling <adam@apnic.net> wrote:

Dear SIG members


A proposal to modify the APNIC SIG Guidelines relating to the election

of SIG Chairs and Co-Chairs has been submitted for consideration at

APNIC 42 im Colombo, Sri Lanka.




If agreed. these changes will affect all APNIC SIGs from APNIC 43 in Ho

Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Discussion and call for consensus will take place in the Policy SIG.




If successful in the Policy SIG, a consensus call will be made at the

APNIC Member Meeting. There will be no final Comment Period.


To ensure those not travelling to APNIC 42 are able to participate in

the discussion, you are invited to comment on the Policy SIG Mailing

List before the conference.


More background to this proposal is available at:











Revising eligible voters of Chair election and Chair's term




Proposer:       Masato Yamanishi




1. Problem statement



1. Eligible voters in SIG Chair election

In current SIG guidelines, we have no rule or guideline about eligible

voters in SIG Chair election and we have two issues by the lack of such



Firstly, we need to have clear guideline whether remote participants

have voting rights for SIG Chair election since current practice is

different in each election.


Secondary, it can be used by fraud, like hijacking the position of Chair

agaist the Community by inviting many persons who never attend the

community discussion.


2. SIG Chair's term of service

While SIG guidelines says "Elections occur yearly. Chair elections and

Co-Chair elections occur in alternate years.", both elections were held

at same meeting in many cases, in particular when a current Co-Chair

stand for the position of Chair. With this current practice having both

elections at same meeting, we are not seeing any significant issues for

long time.


In addition, there is no alternative condition for the successor's term

if current Chair/Co-Chair resigned or was removed though such

alternative condition is necessary to maintain staggered term as

requested by SIG guideline. (a.k.a. the successor's term of service is

same as remaining term of resigned or removed Chair)



2. Objective of policy change



The objective is preventing confusions related to remote participant as

well as mitigating possible frauds in SIG Chair election by setting

clear rule for eligible voters.


In addition, we can also expect aligning SIG guideline with current

practice as well as resolving unclearness of the successor's term when

current Chair/Co-Chair resigned or was removed by revising SIG Chair's

term of service.



3. Situation in other regions



Please refer following page made by Adam Gosling


Comparison of RIR SIG/WG Chair Election Processes




4. Proposed policy solution



1. Eligible voters in SIG Chair election

I would like to propose limiting eligible voters of SIG Chair election

to registered participants of APNIC Conference where the election is



In this context, registered participants include remote participants who

register to Confer, or its successor in future.


2. SIG Chair's term of service

I would like to propose aligning Chair' term with Co-Chair's term, which

means that Chair and all Co-Chair will serve for same two years.

To keep this alighment, I would like to propose limiting the successor's

term to remaining term of current Chair/Co-Chair if current

Chair/Co-Chair resigned or was removed.




5. Advantages / Disadvantages




By setting clear rule for eligible voters,


  - we can avoid confusion whether remote participant cast vote for SIG

    Chair election or not

  - we can mitigate frauds in SIG Chair election


By revising SIG Chair's term of service

  - we can resolve a conflict between SIG guideline and current practice

  - we can resolve unclearness of the successor's term when current

    Chair/Co-Chair resigned or was removed





APNIC staff may need to spend some additional time to confirm whether

each voter is registered participants.


There is no disadvantage by revising SIG Chair's term of service.



6. Impact on resource holders



No direct impact



7. References



Chair Election Procedure Review by Adam Gosling



Comparison of RIR SIG/WG Chair Election Processes



APNIC SIG Guidelines





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