Hi Adam and all ,

I think some rules should be added for voting eligibility to avoid fraud (like NRO voting eligibility).

Can you please clear up the question how to identify the individuals entitlement who are previously registered APNIC conference and eligible on site voting like APNIC 43 meeting ?

Regards / Jahangir

On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 7:09 AM, Adam Gosling <adam@apnic.net> wrote:
Hi Randy

Just a couple of references - inline

>>>> On 6/09/2016, 10:35, "Randy Bush" <randy@psg.com> wrote:


    this kludge is not very well thought out.

    not that i am advocating, but an ietfish approach would be a requirement
    to have attended n previous meetings.  makes more sense to me than this
    proposal.  but ...

The NRO NC election process a similar requirement.
<snip>Individuals who are on site and are registered for either the current APNIC Conference they are attending, or have been registered for at least one previous APNIC Conference since APNIC 10, are entitled to one vote.</snip>

Voting in EC elections is restricted to Members.

    personally, i am not sure there is a real problem.  so what if the old
    guard gets thrown out and some new unknown folk get elected.  it might
    be a breath of fresh air.  what actual damage could some fresh blood do?
    some radical change in apnic across the board just might benefit the

    [ historical note: this descends from the first taipei meeting, where
      there were no voting restrictions.  a bunch of folk showed up just for
      the ec election and voted in an outsider, shock and horror!  of
      course, all sorts of rules and restrictions to protect the old guard
      were immediately put in place. ]


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