Editorial comment period for draft policy manual

APNIC seeks editorial comments on the following draft document:

    - APNIC Internet Number Resource Policies
This is the second draft of a policy manual that combines the following 
policy documents.

  - Policy environment for Internet number resource distribution in the Asia Pacific
  - Policies for IPv4 address space management in the Asia Pacific region
  - IPv6 address allocation and assignment policy
  - Experimental allocations policy
  - Policies for Autonomous System number management in the Asia Pacific region
  - APNIC transfer, merger, acquisition, and takeover policy
  - Policies for historical Internet resources in the APNIC Whois Database

Nature of the document review

This is an editorial review only. 

Therefore, during the comment period, interested parties may:

    - Object to the wording provided by the Secretariat
    - Suggest improvements of any aspect of the document
    - Request that an additional call for comment be made if substantial
      revisions are required

To view this draft document, please see:

Deadline for comments

Your comments are requested by 22 October 2014. Please send your 
comments to: policy@apnic.net


Adam Gosling
Internet Policy Development Consultant, APNIC
e: adam@apnic.net
p: +61 7 3858 3142
m: +61 421 456 243

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