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prop-114-v003: Modification in the ASN eligibility criteria


Proposer:      Aftab Siddiqui

                     Skeeve Stevens

1. Problem statement

   The current ASN assignment policy states two eligibility criteria and
   that both criteria should be fulfilled in order to obtain an ASN. The
   policy seems to imply that both requirements i.e. multi-homing and
   clearly defined single routing policy must be met simultaneously,
   this has created much confusion in interpreting the policy.

   As a result organizations have either provided incorrect information
   to get the ASN or barred themselves from applying where they still
   have a valid justification for obtaining an ASN.

2. Objective of policy change

   In order to make the policy guidelines simpler we are proposing to
   modify the text describing the eligibility criteria for ASN
   assignment by providing alternate criteria to obtaining an ASN.

3. Situation in other regions

    It is not mandatory but optional to be multi-homed in order get ASN

    Policy to remove multi-homing requirement is currently in discussion
    and the current phase ends 12 February 2015 (awaiting Chair decision)
    Policy -

    Only inter-connect is mandatory not multi-homing

    It is mandatory to be multi-homed in order to get ASN.

4. Proposed policy solution

An organisation is eligible for an ASN assignment if:

    - they are currently multi-homed, OR

    - have previous allocated provider independent address space by 
      APNIC, AND intend to multi-home in the future

5. Advantages / Disadvantages


    By adding the additional criteria of Guidelines managed by APNIC
    Secretariat, this would enable the Secretariat to make decisions
    based on common or rare use cases, but that may still be a valid


    It may be perceived that this policy would enable members to obtain
    ASN’s more easily, and in return cause faster consumption of ASN’s
    in the region.  Given the relative ease of obtaining an ASN with
    ‘work around’ methods, we do not perceive this will actually have
    any effect.

6. Impact on resource holders

    No impact on existing resource holders.