Hi David,
As a hypothetical example (of an admittedly contrived scenario), if someone wanted to
develop new routing protocols (e.g. a new BGP implementation) and wanted
a small test network which was portably addressed to do so, then I don't
think that under a strict interpretation of (a)(i) and (a)(ii) alone
that they would be eligible to do so - what would their options be then?
But that would be a very rare circumstance, isn't it? what is the possibility of doing that by involving APNIC Labs in these cases? Because the criteria you have mentioned above is purely a research base. Just a thought...
So I'd like to ask the list for their comments on the following:
(A)    Would the members of the list prefer to:
      (I)  leave the proposal with "reasonable technical justification"
as the only criterion for portable allocation (i.e. for interpretation
by the Secretariat), or;
I am in support of this now, leave it to Secretariat to decide. 


Aftab A. Siddiqui