Dear Save,

Please find the attached for TWNIC's slides for NIR SIG, the submitting is on behalf of Dr. Ku.

Thanks & Regards,

David Chen

save wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry to bug you again. I'm just following up on an earlier reminder of
where and when to submit your slides.

Please submit slides to by 20 August 2004 for mark up on the
meeting site. 
With your help, we aim to mark up all papers by 27 August. Any changes must
be made/updated 2 days before presentation day.


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Subject: [Sig] [sig-chairs] Speaking role at APNIC 18 SIGs

Dear Colleague

1) Firstly thank you for agreeing to participate and present at the next
APNIC 18 OPM to be held in Nadi, Fiji.

2) Presenters Guide
To help speakers prepare for the SIG, the secretariat have put together
guidelines. The attached presenters guide is useful if you're presenting
the first time in a SIG. Other guidelines especially is presenting a
proposal are available in

3) When and where to send your slides
A friendly reminder to all - please submit your slides to by
20 August 2004 for mark up on the meeting site. Any changes to your slides
must be received 2 days before your presentation day. We endeavor to have
all slides marked up at least one week before the meeting.

4) Please register self to get name badge
If you have not already done so, please ensure you have registered for the
meeting. A list of registered attendees to date can be seen at

Look forward to seeing you all in Nadi.


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                        |  APNIC Secretariat
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See you at APNIC 18
Nadi, Fiji, 31 August-3 September 2004