Hello all


With the interests from Solomon Is and Samoa as per last email, I had met the CEO and the delegation of the Vanuatu Office of the Government Chief Information Officer – OGCIO during the PTC2014 in Honolulu and have confirmed their interest to host the PacNOG 15 (in fact with PacNOG 16 also but we may agree to give chances to others also for PacNOG 16 )


While Vanuatu and others are being followed up, can we discuss the dates that will be ok for everyone


PacNOG 15 date options:  – (1) June 23-27 (2) June 30-July 04??


PacNOG 16 date options: - (1) Nov 24-28 (2) Dec 01-05??


Appreciate your feedback and inputs


Possible programs to consider can include:

1. intro to routing and basic level BGP workshop

2. advance level routing workshop

3. network & systems security workshop

4. network management and monitoring


Given there’s some high interest and inroads by Vanuatu (submarine cable/ICT sector), we may want to look at Supplementary workshops that could include:

1. intro to linux basic network concepts

2. virtualisation & cloud

3. DNS

4. IXP




Open for discussions and for preliminary efforts to indicate best dates, trainers & offerings