Dear all,


As we approach June/July for PacNOG 13, we would like to hear views from the PacNOG community on their priority topics and training needs


At this stage the popular training choices of BGP Routing/Multihoming/IXP, Network Monitoring and Management & Security are being considered, however, inputs from community will be considered equally.


Tentative dates for PacNOG 13 are 24-28June/or 01-05July 2013;

Tentative venue is TONGA.


More information and details to follow but first your inputs for considerations. While all inputs will be important and considered in the planning for PacNOG events, certain specialist topics inclusion may be delayed to subsequent PacNOG subject to availability of choice trainers


Look forward to hearing from you soon


Kind regards

Fred Christopher


Pacific Islands Telecommunications Association (PITA)


On behalf of the PacNOG Coordinating Committee