Hello everyone,

As I mentioned previously - We have been tracking RPKI ROA deployment across Asia with a focus on India. In around two months Indian signed prefixes have jumped from 12% to 25%. Today was a major milestone with 25% because now we are 1% above the global average. :)

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 5.25.32 AM.png
Latest graph: https://graphs.muc.anuragbhatia.com/d/DPIj_47Mk/rpki?viewPanel=10&orgId=1&from=now-30d&to=now

Screenshot 2020-09-17 at 5.27.03 AM.png

On absolute number 10590 out of 43173 Indian prefixes have a valid covering ROA. 10,590 is highest in Asia (2nd highest is Taiwan at around 7000) as an absolute number but it is just 25% of the table and hence we need to put more effort in getting the Indian table signed with a valid ROA. 

Workshop to promote RPKI
As time and discussions proceeded many of like-minded folks came together to further help with the push for ROA. Some of us volunteers are working closely with IRINN, APNIC and ISPAI to help and have planned for a monthly 90 min workshop with ISPs covering RPKI in detail. Please consider joining the workshop to learn about RPKI, understand ROAs as well as understand how to put RPKI validator in your network. The first workshop is scheduled for 25th Sept 2020 and you can fill the form available here to attend that online - https://forms.gle/iMtd7oFCwJnwt6xp9


Anurag Bhatia