Hi Daryll,

Ping is never the ideal tool to conclude if you're able to reach any given destination. Especially ICMP, this is quite common practice to block ICMP responses. I too am not able to "ping" the same host from AS135817 but Jio VoWIFI works just fine for me.

Maybe you want to do a tcp traceroute on the intended port number ( I'm not sure which port number is being used here for VoWiFi ). You'll surely find more useful information.

Thank you.

On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 3:39 PM Daryll Swer via INNOG <innog@innog.net> wrote:
Hi Folks

Does anybody know who I can reach out to for the following issue?

My freshly allocated prefix ( is unable to communicate with Reliance Jio's VoWiFi end-point on AS55836. And hence my Jio numbers are unable to work with VoWiFi when the source IPv4 address is originating from

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